The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Jessica Kreger

Jessica Kreger has led technical communications and marketing communications teams that educate and empower customers across the world. With over 20 of experience in diverse industries, she has worked for universities, global businesses, and start-up companies. Most recently she directed content marketing for Kelvin AI and Bitcoin IRA,  managed technical content marketing for TradeStation, and developed software documentation for Dell. She is passionate about creating content that improves people’s lives. Her education includes a M.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon and a B.A. in English from Penn State. Jessica is a Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication, a Certified Professional Technical Communicator, and a technical communication mentor.

More than Meets the “I” in Instruction: Transforming Tech Comm Into Marcom

Abracadabra! Come and watch technical content transform before your very eyes to the magical realm of the marketer. Look behind the scenes to see how to stretch your tech comm work into marketing collateral that can grow your customer base and build brand awareness. Surprise! You’ll uncover expert tricks to turn your how-to guides into bite-sized content customized for customer engagement. Electrify your work by adding marketing to your technical communications content strategy on different sized budgets, using storytelling and narrative to inform and engage customers and prospects, and incorporating marketing milestones into your roadmap. We’ll unveil examples of transforming technical content into popular marketing channels, including web content, social media, e-books, e-mail campaigns, videos, and more.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • See the steps to repurpose technical content into various marketing channels
  • Find out how to add marketing to your technical content strategy and roadmap
  • Discover strategies for incorporating technical marketing into your budget