The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
David Turner

David Turner is an industry veteran in the areas around content management and content structure. He is particularly adept at demonstrating the business benefits of digital transformation and helping organizations identify ROI KPIs to gauge investments in systems, structure, and semantics. David is fluent across a number of industries and has helped scholarly publishers, global pharma organizations, and worldwide manufacturers recognize the value of content structure and semantic enrichment.

David frequently speaks at industry events on content technology initiatives, including:

-Digital Transformation
-Structured formatting (XML, JATS, DITA, S1000D, HTML, EPUB, etc.)
-Content and document management
-Metadata enrichment
-Publishing automation
-Compliance information management

A Digital Transformation Trifecta: Structured Content, the GS1 Link,
and Personalization

Delivering curated content experiences offers organizations a competitive advantage. The GS1 Digital Link is a new product coding standard that allows any physical product to be enhanced with an intelligent digital profile. Optimizing content in a structured format such as XML, is the conduit that connects the GS1 link with specific information you want delivered to your customers. This means products can connect to the web through their standard GS1 identifiers and brands can deliver a raft of new applications from direct-to-consumer digital services to supply-chain traceability.

In this session you will learn how:

  • Structuring content is the building block for innovation
  • The GS1 Digital Link is used to make any product web-enabled
  • Together XML plus the GS1 Digital Link deliver improved user experience with the bonus of providing accessible information to the visually or cognitively impaired person