The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 23-26 October 2022 | New Orleans
Alyssa Fox

Alyssa Fox is a content strategist and marketing leader who thrives on improving customer experience through brand consistency and relevant information. She’s a champion for cultures that position content to drive revenue and customer retention. Alyssa has vast management experience across global teams and works on cross-functional initiatives to improve communication across organizations.

Alyssa is an STC Past President and a member of American Marketing Association. She speaks at conferences around the world about leadership, strategy, marketing, and content.

When the Movie is Actually Better than the Book: Enhancing Content through Collaboration

“How many times have you heard that the book is always better than the movie? While that might be the case for fiction, it doesn’t have to be that way in our workplaces.

Within our organizational roles, we create plans for our work. Like a book, these plans are typically static and inflexible on paper and come from just one perspective—ours. Just as a movie brings a book to life, strong collaboration across content silos can invigorate a dry, one-dimensional plan into a beautiful reality.

As different people work together and contribute to the movie playing out, multiple viewpoints, ways of doing things, and tools for accomplishing objectives enhance the narrative. Fluidity and capacity for change improves upon the plan. The movie can be remade from several different perspectives. Or for different audiences. And that communication and cooperation make the original story all the richer.”

In this session, attendees will learn:

“- The different roles of people, processes, and technology in content creation and delivery
– Skills needed for coordinating multiple people, processes, and technology
– How to “”direct”” successful collaboration across content silos”