The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 23-26 October 2022 | New Orleans
Géraldine Boulez

Géraldine is passionate about new technologies and their ability to solve people and business problems. This is what has led her to product management, marketing and business development roles in fast-growing tech companies and innovative corporations for over twenty years. Geraldine is VP of Marketing at Fluid Topics, the leading Content Delivery Platform that reinvents how users search, read, and interact with technical documentation

Moving the Content Conversation from Cost to Value

When it comes to the money your company spends producing technical documentation, your management knows the cost down to the cent. And when it comes to investing in THE solution that will streamline your work process, unleash your content, and transform your user experience, one question will arise without a doubt: “How much?” Meaning: “How much will it cost?” This can be a completely different conversation if you can turn it into “how much it will save” and “how much additional revenue it will bring to the company.”

In this session, we will give you a clear picture of the cost savings and gains a content delivery platform can generate across three areas: customer service, employee productivity, and sales. We will also give you access to a tool that will help you navigate scenarios and determine how long it will take to achieve a return on your investment by customizing the calculator’s numbers to fit your situation.