Guest Author: Rhyne Armstrong

LavaCon wants to help you tell YOUR story.

At the closing session of LavaCon Las Vegas, Jack Molisani issued a challenge to attendees: Return to your organizations, apply what you learned at LavaCon, and come back to LavaCon Portland prepared to share the story of how you made an impact in your organization. Whether you produce content that increases revenue, reduces costs, reduces time-to-market, or increases customer satisfaction, your work has positive results.

Having been in the content world for nearly 25 years, I have heard one complaint over and over again, a complaint that takes different forms:  “No one appreciates what I do!” or “They don’t understand the impact of what I do.” The worst part is that the statements are usually true. Organizations do not understand the work that goes into content projects because we have either done a poor job of telling our story or not told it at all.

LavaCon wants to raise awareness of your role and the valuable work you do, and we are excited to launch the LavaCon Content Impact Awards. These awards support our community, promote the profession, and reinforce ideas shared by the experts who speak at the LavaCon conferences.


The LavaCon Content Impact Awards recognize content professionals who have used content, user experience, or technical communication to make a positive impact in their organizations. The award is not a competition to see who made the biggest or best impact, but a way to celebrate the many achievements that content professionals make while expanding their sphere of influence, enabling organizational change, and ensuring customer success.

Tell us how you and your team have made a significant contribution to how content is generated in your organization. Have you created a portal to aggregate content across multiple silos? Or perhaps you streamlined how your group writes content by moving to structured authoring? Have you reduced costs or lowered tech support calls? We want to hear about it!


The application process is easy: visit the Content Impact Awards site, read the awards overview and rules, and submit your story through a simple form. There is no fee for entering, and there can be multiple recipients.

Winners receive a digital certificate, their story posted on the LavaCon website, and promotion through our social media accounts. Several winners will be asked to present their story at a future LavaCon conference, where they will receive the full conference registration absolutely free.

See you at LavaCon Portland!