Keith Boyd recently talked to Ed Marsh about his upcoming keynote,  How MOOCs, SPOCs, and Next Generation e-Learning are Impacting Content Strategy. The growing popularity of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) provides the opportunity for traditional technical communicators to work with other teams and incorporate e-learning into their content strategy, resulting in mastery and deeper commitment from customers. By becoming aware of the options, we are better equipped to have conversations with the other teams, identify opportunities, and deliver engaging solutions.

I’m going to talk about how learning science is impacting our ability to motivate people, to keep them in the game, and to keep them wanting to learn.

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About Our Guest

Keith Boyd is a 17 year veteran of Microsoft Corporation, where he currently serves as the Director of Structured Learning Programs in the new Learning and Readiness organization. He joined the Learning Experiences team in 2015 to lead Microsoft’s Online Learning strategy. In that role, he was a member of the team that conceived of the Microsoft Professional Program – a role-based certification program to help fill the technical skills gap using emerging technology like MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). He subsequently became the leader of this new business, which in its first six-months has attracted 50,000 students to its curriculum on Data Science. There are 15 additional curriculum in development. Prior to joining the Learning Experiences team, he managed technical documentation and samples for developers in both the Windows and Cloud and Enterprise divisions.

Keith contributes to the Microsoft Learning blog Born to Learn, and also posts on LinkedIn (search for Keith Boyd).

About Our Host

Ed Marsh is proud to be from New Jersey. He uses the Oxford comma, and never uses two spaces after a period. He is a technical writer at Goldman Sachs, and the creator and host of the Content Content podcast. Find him at and @edmarsh on Twitter.

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