The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 23-28 October 2020 | UX: Virtual
Gretyl Kinsey

Gretyl Kinsey has been deploying content strategies as a technical consultant at Scriptorium since 2011. She develops content systems for companies in a variety of industries, including education, life sciences, finance, and high tech. An experienced interviewer and researcher, she identifies content problems, recommends solutions, and builds business cases to support them. Gretyl also creates courses for the open-source DITA training project at and has been a driving force behind this resource since its inception.

A Match Made in DITA

Co-presented with Karen Brothers.

3M supports tens of thousands of products and systems, so technical content needs to be consistent, cohesive, and accurate. This case study shows how 3M is moving to structured content using DITA XML with Structured FrameMaker and Adobe Experience Manager XML documentation. During a pilot phase, one division at 3M partnered with Scriptorium to create automated outputs and document standards. Through this partnership, 3M can re-leverage lessons learned during the pilot for a successful implementation across the company. During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Practical advice for starting a pilot project to demonstrate the need for widespread digital transformation
  • What questions to ask before a pilot project begins
  • Ways to deal with unexpected challenges that arise and show that you can be flexible while still focusing on your goals
  • How to learn from a pilot project’s successes and mistakes before taking it to a larger scale
  • How to communicate the value proven by a successful pilot project to those with the power to fund an expansion

Leash the kraken

Co-presented with Karen Brothers.

Does it feel like your content strategy is getting out of control? As you define your requirements and business goals, you’ll probably discover that your strategy has tentacles reaching across workstreams in ways you never anticipated. Join Scriptorium for a discussion of how to manage all the moving pieces and parts of a content strategy across the enterprise so that you can leash the kraken and make it work for your organization.