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What to Do in Portland

What to Do in Portland

Parks and Gardens

Portlanders love the outdoors, rain or shine, and this is reflected in the city’s landscape. Return to
nature without leaving the metro area at these parks and gardens.


Portland has one of the most eclectic mix of museums than any other city in the country. Explore art,
history, the country’s largest collection of hats, and even outbreaks.


View a list of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

Portland has among the most diverse restaurant scenes in the country. If you’re looking for a particular
cuisine, there’s likely at least one place featuring it. Start your culinary journey.

Pubs and Breweries

There’s no other way to describe it –beer is huge in Portland. The city has more breweries than any
other place on the planet.

And that’s just for starters. There are happy hours, themed bars , patio bars , rooftop bars, dog-friendly bars, and LGBTQ-owned and friendly bars and clubs.

The Pearl District and Nob Hill are home to some of the most respected breweries and distilleries in
Oregon. Henry Weinhard launched Portland’s brewing industry in the 1860s at the Brewery Blocks in the
Pearl District.

Portland also pioneered the craft beer movement, which started in the 1980s. Take a tour with this craft
beer guide.

Live Music and Theaters

Portland is a mecca for talent in all forms of arts and entertainment. Artists are attracted to the area
because of its natural beauty and its quirky, independent, laid-back culture. Any day of the week, you’ll
find live music, theater, comedy, open mics, lectures, and much more.


Portland’s shopping experience reaches far beyond the mall. Farmers’ markets, shops with locally
sourced and handcrafted items, and other small niche businesses fill many a neighborhood. Here are
some of the best locations to find unique items.


Portland has three professional sports teams that enjoy devoted fan bases: The Trail Blazers (basketball), the Timbers (men’s soccer),
and the Thorns (women’s soccer). The Blazers are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

If you like racing, check out the Portland International Raceway. The raceway also hosts car shows, concerts, classes, and other events.


There’s a city named Vancouver in the United States, and it’s Portland’s next-door neighbor on the north
bank of the Columbia River in Washington State. During the past two years, the downtown waterfront
has received an extensive facelift. Stroll paths along the Columbia River, enjoy a meal with a waterfront
view, shop, go to a show, and explore murals and art galleries within a short walking distance.
Experience Vancouver USA.


You’ve probably heard that it rains a lot in Portland, but the average annual rainfall is only 36 inches. Portland’s
climate is fueled by the jet stream from the Pacific Ocean, resulting in cooler summers and warmer
winters than many regions of the country. This also means that the normal rainfall is a light rain or mist
(also called fog by Northwesterners), so it takes longer to get the same amount of precipitation as other
locations with the same annual rainfall. But this is why Portland is green year-round.
Many days are cloudy with a mix of light rain and sunbreaks, especially from October through June.
Prepare for the conditions by dressing in layers and carrying an umbrella or a jacket with a hood.
(Northwesterners prefer jackets.) You never know when you’ll need to adjust.