The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Creating Content Experience Ecosystems | October 21-24, 2018 | New Orleans, LA


The LavaCon Conference is an excellent professional experience that we want you to attend so you can elevate your content strategy for your organization. Here are the comments we have received over the years.

“The balance of concrete solutions presented in some sessions and problem-solving in others made for an excellent learning experience.” J.H., Business Owner

“Worth every penny, PLUS! Last year, I took what I learned and immediately used it, allowing me to earn several thousand dollars more in the first negotiation I was involved in. Given the things I learned this year, I expect to not only increase my company’s earnings but minimize many risks. I’m much more informed. Looking forward to next year!” JG, Consultant

“Nice mix of theory and tools.” N.I., Project Manager

“I have attended and presented at various conferences over the years. Some offer classes that are too basic or general. Some focus only on specific technical areas. I spend my training budget on the LavaCon conference because I think it is the best value for my staff. The agenda offers an excellent variety of sessions — so many choices that often it is difficult to choose which to attend! I like sending my staff to LavaCon because there are more advanced topics than [other conferences]. K.S., Manager – Technical Communication 

“I really liked the focused nature of the conference.” S.H., Small Business Owner

“Lots of great contacts, useful ideas and info on how to adapt them.” B.P., Documentation Manager

“Tons of practical tips.” U.M., Information Developer

“I enjoyed the conference and I think it’s a really great idea. It serves a purpose that I don’t think any other conference can claim. Thank you for putting it on!” M.G., User Assistance Manager

“Thanks for putting on such a great conference. I learned a great deal. It was helpful to attend a conference for senior [developers] and managers…” B.C., Sr. Developer

“If you have senior staff or are in techcomm management, this is a good conference, partly because the topics are geared toward decision makers: strategists, management, and so on, and because it co-locates with [a local chapter of] the Project Management Institute, which gives people the opportunity to branch out and think of their profession in different ways.” R.B., CMS Consultant 

“Lots of great ideas, book recommendations, networking and sharing experiences.” K.M., Documentation Manager 

“Interesting, candid, interactive, useful.” A.E., Small Business Owner

“I heard about LavaCon from [a colleague], with whom I work. She raves about this conference, and because I am the project manager for most of my company’s technical documentation projects, I felt this conference would be a great benefit to my ongoing education. I have always envied her attending this conference, but I could not attend until now. I look forward to the brochure, the e-news, and, of course, the conference in [November]!” B.G.

“Extremely well run and organized!” P.G., Operations Manager 

“Great keynote speaker!” J.N., Documentation Manager 

“Great conference. Lots of useful sessions.” G.K., Technical Writer

“Good variety of session topics. This was an excellent experience and I plan to continue participating. Thanks!.” J.L.

“Outstanding facilities, food, environment.” J.B.

“I liked how focused this conference was on project management and related topics.” B.H.

“Lots of substance—large number of workshops.” J.S, Business Owner

Excellent ideas for managing better and reporting upwards more effectively.” C.S., Team Lead