The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges | November 5-8, 2017 | Portland, OR

Virtual Track

Virtual Attendance

Can’t make it to Portland in person? Attend virtually using Adobe Connect, by our exclusive Diamond Sponsor Adobe Systems.

We will be live streaming (with video) all keynote sessions and one breakout session from each time slot (the virtual track). All other sessions will be recorded (audio and slides) so you can later see all the sessions you didn’t attend live.

During the conference, Virtual Track Liaison Phylise Banner will relay your questions and answers to the speakers, and your roving reporter Joel Glickman will introduce you to in-person attendees and vendors in the exhibit halls during lunch and session breaks.

Want a sample of the virtual track experience?  First, watch the preview video by Phylise:


Then watch the recording of Margot Merrill Fernandez’s keynote from LavaCon Las Vegas:

image of lavacon virtual conference

Note: The following sessions will be broadcast for the virtual track in lieu of a keynote that cannot be provided and the in-person networking session.

Session with Neal Rowland
Description coming soon …


Content Strategy for Civil Discourse
by David Dylan Thomas 

In the current political climate, it seems like we’ve all but given up on productive, respectful discourse. However, there are simple design and content strategy choices we can make that encourage collaboration over conflict, even when dealing with hot-button issues. In this session we’ll look at real-world examples of how the way we phrase a question or design an interaction can have a huge impact on the quality of conversation, and the three rules they share.

This is an extension of the TED talk, The Three Rules of Productive Discourse

Drawing the Line on Content Localization: How Much is Too Much?
Daniel Foster, Snagit Strategy Lead, TechSmith

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