The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges | November 5-8, 2017 | Portland, OR
Engineering Content 4.0 for a Digital World

Engineering Content 4.0 for a Digital World

In 2016, the idea of Content 4.0 emerged as a community of thought leaders put their heads together to envision how the business of communication is going to change in the years ahead. The rapid unfolding of events in 2017 has confirmed our original ideas. So this year, our attention has shifted to exploring the details of how we make this happen and what specifically we need to change. Also in 2017, we have been exploring further the idea of information consumers and how the notion of Consumer 4.0 can help us better understand what we mean by Content 4.0.

All this encourages us to re-energize another idea – that of Content Engineering, about the discipline of designing content and content processes so that they work within, and empower, digital landscapes for businesses and consumers. It turns out that achieving Content 4.0 to satisfy the Consumer 4.0 depends entirely on engineering content for a fully digital lifecycle. Now while all of this may sound a little like cyberpunk science fiction, it is in fact about to become very real….

Presented by Joe Gollner

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