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DITA Worst Practices

DITA Worst Practices

While people are interested in hearing about successes, we can actually learn more from failure. Not only do we discover what not to do, but also how to avoid the circumstances that led to it. Presenter Keith Schengili-Roberts has seen a lot of good and bad things happen to DITA implementations over the years, and part of his job at IXIASOFT is to investigate what works, what doesn’t, and why. Listen to his stories on the best (worst) DITA practices!

This presentation is designed as an instructive and funny lesson on what *not* to do when implementing DITA within a documentation team. From constraints that went too far, management decisions that went awry to quixotic tool decisions, I plan to cover stories that are both humorous and horrifying at the same time. I believe that people can learn more about the context of DITA best practices by hearing true tales of the absolute worst DITA practices that have happened. While it should be fun for everyone in the audience, I am also hoping that some of the stories will strike a chord with those people finding themselves in similar situations and provide them with enough information to change course effectively.

Presented by Keith Schengili-Roberts

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