The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges | November 5-8, 2017 | Portland, OR
Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

You’ve likely heard of Design Thinking, but did you know that it’s not specifically and only about “design” as we typically think of design — industrial, interaction, or visual design of products? Design Thinking is a methodology for problem solving, and we’ve all got challenges and issues we need to address every day! In fact, Design Thinking is becoming more and more common as a general business practice. And it’s great for working through content challenges!

Join Andrea for a half-day, experiential tour of several techniques used in Design Thinking. Using one or more sample problems, workshop participants will work together to develop solutions following a Design Thinking framework. Because we’ll be face-to-face, we’ll go low-tech and focus on the framework and techniques using flip-chart paper and stickie notes. Andrea will also discuss how to get the most from the process across geographically distributed teams using online tools.

Presented by Andrea Ames and Erin O’Briant

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