The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges | November 5-8, 2017 | Portland, OR
Authored by Man and Machine – Interactive Documents?

Authored by Man and Machine – Interactive Documents?

Don’t limit your smart products with a dumb and inaccurate document experience. Leverage the XML intelligence in your documentation to actively guide the user through the proper use of your products. Let your machines enter data and guide the technicians through installation and service procedures. Allow your SOPs and forms to dynamically capture and report on the actions of the user and the machine in use. Interactive documents aren’t just in the future they can very quickly be a reality for you today. Attend this session and learn how many organizations are eliminating errors and improving the use of their documents as they enable them to leverage the ever-growing Internet of Things (IOT).

During the presentation, you will learn:

  • How interactive forms and documents can provide tremendous business value
  • How easily XML-aware documentation teams can build interactive documents
  • How interactive documents can increase accuracy and speed of operations
  • Why interactive documents can be your competitive advantage
  • Where to begin with an interactive document initiative

Presented by Vi Kellersohn

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