The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges | November 5-8, 2017 | Portland, OR

Enhance Your Skills. Find Your Tribe. Make a Difference.

The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference was started in Hawaii (hence our name) to give content strategists, documentation managers, and other content professionals an opportunity to get away from the office and tend to their professional development.

Breaking News: 
Registrations for LavaCon Portland just hit highest-ever! Network with content professionals from Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Cisco Systems,  Microsoft, Spotify, VMware, Salesforce, YouTube, Shopify, and more. Attend LavaCon Portland and find your tribe.

Our mission:

  • To help organizations decrease costs and increase revenue by solving content-related business problems
  • To give content professionals the skills they need to better enable customer success
  • To create a community in which content professionals can collaborate and advance the field as a whole

New in 2017: 
Your tuition for the LavaCon Content Strategy Conference includes pre- and post-conference workshops at no additional charge. Register today.

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Our 2017 conference includes 80+ sessions and workshops.

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November 6-8


Portland, OR


75+ Speakers


80+ Sessions

2017 Program Theme: Spanning Silos, Building Bridges

Most content professionals serve multiple customers. And content often resides in multiple silos: Marketing, Tech Support, Product Documentation, and more.

Our 2017 content strategy conference focuses on how to build bridges: bridges between content silos, technology silos, even people silos.

Content Strategy Conference: Featured Speakers

Speakers at the LavaCon content strategy conference are practicing industry professionals who gather to network, share best practices and lessons learned, and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in publishing technology.

Our keynote speaker for LavaCon Las Vegas was Margot Merrill Fernandez, Manager of Content Strategy at Facebook. Want a preview of the LavaCon content experience?  Watch the recording of Margot’s 2016 keynote presentation.

Attend our 2017 program and network with content experts from Adobe, Google, Facebook, Cisco Systems, and Amazon:

Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron Fulkerson

Founder and CEO, MindTouch

Photo of Jon Ann Lindsey

Jon Ann Lindsey

Manager of Content Strategy, Google

Photo of Andrea Zeller

Andrea Zeller

Virtual Reality Strategist, Facebook

Photo of Megan Gilhooly

Megan Gilhooly

Sr. Manager of Content Management, Amazon

Photo of Keith Boyd

Keith Boyd

Director of Structured Learning Programs, Microsoft

Photo of Eeshita Grover

Eeshita Grover

Sr. Manager Technical Communications, Cisco Systems

Photo of Melinda Howard Belcher

Melinda Howard Belcher

Senior Director of Digital Experience, Mastercard

Photo of Stefan Gentz

Stefan Gentz

Global TechComm Evangelist, Adobe Systems

LavaCon Content Strategy Conference: The Buzz

``My favorite part about LavaCon is the connections and the networking that I do when I'm here.``- Matt Sullivan, Tech Comm Tools
``My biggest takeaway from LavaCon has been not something that I learned in a classroom, but something that I learned in the lunchroom, and that is the networking aspect of this. That's the best part of these conferences. It's the best part of LavaCon. The people that you meet, the takeaways that you get from them.`` - MaryKay Grueneberg, SAP
``Great location, awesome conference, awesome food. If nothing else, if you ever wanted to treat yourself, you should go to LavaCon.``- Christopher Ward, WebWorks
``Great conference! I learned some new things, met some nice people, had a chance to really discuss some of the burning issues that I encounter professionally, and had fun to boot! Well done LavaCon team!``- Sarah Watson, Dialog Semiconductor
``LavaCon is the successful result of fantastic planning, organization, energy, and creativity, as well as the excellent work of the staff at the Portland Hilton, a beautiful venue. The people, sessions, and activities, including the tours around Portland and the Columbia River Gorge, all contributed to a most memorable experience.``- Carol Moyer, Lockheed Martin
The LavaCon conference provided me with an opportunity to mix and mingle with a variety of people and perspectives. This year’s gathering seemed to reach new heights in this regard. I found myself engaged in detailed conversations on several occasions, and these conversations helped me to put some final touches to my own rubric and framework for discussing content, content strategy, and content solutions. So I need to declare this year’s event to be an unqualified success.``- Joe Gollner, Gnostyx Research