Congility provides solutions for the publishing and intelligent delivery of structured content. DITAweb for personalized content delivery and IdXML for the publishing of DITA content into Adobe InDesign. DITAweb is a platform for enhanced user experience, enabling collaboration and intelligent delivery of structured content. It eliminates the need to browse through large documents for relevant content. Today’s customers expect self-service information, DITAweb’s capabilities mean users can at last benefit from the intelligence of your source content. Customers can receive personalised and relevant content based on their products, role, device, location etc. they can easily find and be guided to related information. DITAweb provides low cost real-time review for an unlimited number of internal or external users. Integrated with your CCMS, authors can automatically publish to DITAweb and manage review comments within their authoring environment. Rich API’s enable integration with core systems (such as CRM), mobile devices, and software for online or embedded help. DITAweb’s easily accessible analytics provide insight into trends about your content. Come to our stand to see how DITAweb and IdXML can benefit your organisation.

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