Victoria Koster-Lenhardt

  • Victoria Koster-Lenhardt
    Vienna, Austria
    Employment Consultant for Europe


Vici is a job search and career strategist. She supports expat families living in Central and Eastern Europe by assisting them in finding meaningful work while living overseas. It’s her latest stop in a journey that started with a job in journalism in New York City.

A chance meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1983 led to a marriage proposal and a move to Austria, where she has lived her entire adult life. Vici worked at The Coca-Cola Company in Vienna for 21 years, managing the Documentation Department for 16 years, then moving into global corporate communications.

After being laid off in 2010, Vici used her legendary networking skills to land a job as Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Austria’s top law firm. Eight months later, a colleague there handed Vici the job description for a job search consultant covering the European region and said, “I think this is the perfect job for you!”

Vici will illustrate how you, too, can find the perfect job and take your content career to the next level.

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