Tristan Mitchel

Who Cares About Change?

Content moves around. It passes back and forth between authoring, editing, reviewing, and publishing before ever reaching its intended audience. Each touch point creates change, but often that change is elusive or unknown. In regulated industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, proving that you have control over content change is a vital capability. How can you gain and demonstrate that control and how do you present an audit trail of change to the relevant audiences in an appropriate format?


Tristan is DeltaXML’s Product Manager with responsibility for future product direction. Over the last 10+ years, his work as a Senior Developer and Solutions Architect for DeltaXML has given him a deep understanding of the products and a passion for helping customers to make the most out of those products. Tristan is also a father of three beautiful girls, a movie-lover, and a keen runner.

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