Stephen Walsh

From Filter Failure to Savvy Surfer: Riding the Crest of the Content Tsunami

The Economist recently called Lifelong Learning the new economic imperative. We all know we need to continuously learn. But we also know that courses, corporate learning and formal education don’t keep pace with change. We need to look to external content to stay smart, engage our audiences, and remain relevant.

Easy to say. Hard to do.  

  • 3 million blog posts were published today
  • The Washington Post publishes 1200 articles a day (yes, a day)
  • Google indexed 1 trillion articles in 2007, today it has indexed over 30 trillion.

In all that noise, how do you find clear content signals? You could read the internet every morning. Or do something a little more practical: Fix your filters, curate content intelligently, save time and stay smarter.

In this session we’ll look at

  • Why continuous learning matters: for you, your business and the economy
  • What content curation has to do with it: the business case
  • How to fix your filters to find, add value and share meaningful content
  • How to ride the crest of the content tsunami without wiping out!


Stephen has over 20 years of experience in Learning, Content, Marketing and Technology. He started his elearning career in the US in the mid 1990s with Roger Schank at Cognitive Arts, building some of the earliest examples of video-driven scenarios for corporate learning. He ran the Chicago team and led the company’s expansion into Europe.

In 2005 he co-founded Kineo in the UK. He designed blended content-driven learning solutions and platforms for clients including Vodafone, Apple, M&S and Barclays. He ran sales and marketing, and grew the company to be a global leader in learning content, with teams in Australia, New Zealand, the US, China, Israel and Sweden. Kineo was acquired by City & Guilds in 2012.

Stephen is a co-founder of Anders Pink, a content curation tool that helps professional teams stay smart and continuously learn about any topic.

Stephen is also a co-owner of BuzzSumo, a data-driven content marketing tool, and is an advisor to multiple learning technology and content companies.

A regular blogger, writer and speaker on content curation, marketing, learning and technology, Stephen is honoured to be included in the 2017 elearning movers and shakers list.

Stephen is passionate about continuous learning, content curation, new technology, start-ups, effective marketing, and trying get a little smarter every day.

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