Robert Mills

Use Case Battle Scars: How We Created, Refined and Reduced Our Use Cases

When GatherContent embarked on a redesign of our marketing site, we adopted a research led approach based on customer research and real-life data. One deliverable of the research were use cases. We initially ended up with about 20, far too many to be useful and usable, supported by our metrics. We then had to refine the use cases, focused on overlapping functions and shared nuances. This distilled them to a more manageable number that allowed for organisational wide buy-in.


As the Content Strategist for GatherContent, Rob is responsible for developing, implementing, measuring and refining their content strategy. He also collaborates with other content folk as the editor-in-chief of the GatherContent blog. He’s a journalism graduate, ex-BBC audience researcher, and former studio and project manager. Robert is a published author and has written for leading web publications Net Mag, 24 Ways, Smashing Magazine, WebTuts, Shopify, UX Matters, Content Marketing Institute and UX Booth.

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