Peter Gilliver

  • Peter Gilliver
    Bordeaux, France
    Information Architect

Cross-silo Governance for Content Gone Wild

Co-presenting with: Marie Girard

We thought we had tamed our content. We had automated it and continuously delivered DITA-based online helps for IBM products. And then came cloud services. This changing model led us to reach beyond our comfort zone and interact with the numerous other content producers in our organization. In this adventure outside of traditional documentation territory, we discovered new ways of managing product content. And we found that our structured content background helped domesticating wild content into great customer experiences.


With a background in computer engineering and philosophy, Peter Gilliver has more than 20 years in technical communication as a writer, project manager, people manager, information architect, and lecturer. Peter is interested in how writers and UI designers collaborate to define user experience, the application of mindfulness in teams, and ensuring the fundamentals of elegant writing aren’t swamped in the ever-rising tide of tools.

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