Payal Mistry

A Tale of a Happy Marriage: Content Strategy and User Experience Strategy

A marriage that’s complementary, compatible and charming. Several companies often miss that good design and good content go hand in hand, and success of one depends on the other. We were one of them. A group of high performing employees who lacked a unifying vision. Tasked to create strong branding, clear content and a delightful experience, we rose to the challenge but the journey was tough. With this case study, I will share how we pivoted and discovered success.


Payal is a UX Evangelist with a passion to help businesses identify and create the best-in-class experience for their users through strategic content design, innovative research techniques and success metric validation. She is an advocate of UCD thinking in creating engaging yet functional designs. Her primer years in s/w development and 8 years in UX, play a key role in balancing business, technical and human aspects of any challenge. Payal currently leads UX design, research and strategy at VSF-Experts, Germany.

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