Oded Ilan

Overcoming the Forgetting Curve: New Content Creation Paradigms

New communication technologies are opening the door to a radically different, even “disruptive” approach in training and supporting users.

Users forget 90% of what they are trained to do within days. How do we deal with this? Should we deal with this?

Do we want our users to learn or to perform?

New technology actually challenges the ages-long approach to education and provides technical communicators with powerful tool for increasing user satisfaction.  In this session you will learn:

  • How technology intrinsically disrupts our understanding of how to handle problems
  • About the Forgetting Curve and what it implies
  • How the Forgetting Curve impacts product support and training
  • How you, a Tech Comm professional, can personally benefit from content that is measured and digitized—with actual examples of human behavior via Iridize guides
  • How new technology enables technical communicators to offer more creative solutions for improving support and training and increasing customer satisfaction.


Even before Oded Ilan had graduated from the university in 1999, he spent 4 years as a high school teacher. Following graduation, Oded worked in various high-tech industries as a business developer. Getting the message across, creating appealing yet meaningful content and delivering the correct story to the customers has always been a passion of Oded’s. As Iridize’s Chief Marketing Officer, he gets to see, first hand, how technology helps the training and documentation landscape with a new approach.

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