Joe Gollner

Digital Transformation and the Business of Content

Some fads deserve more attention than others. Digital Transformation is on everyone’s lips in worlds of business and technology. As fads go, this one merits careful attention as there are real changes occurring underneath the hype. This will be a quick tour of what makes this fad interesting and then it will focus in on what it means for professional communicators, for content standards and technologies, and for management strategies and practices.


Joe is the Managing Director of Gnostyx Research Inc. (, a company he founded to guide organizations in the strategic use of content technologies to achieve scalable and sustainable business benefits. A veteran implementer, he has overseen dozens of content management projects in a variety of industries and in organizations ranging in size from start-up ventures to global enterprises. A graduate of the University of Oxford (Masters of Philosophy), he blogs as the Content Philosopher ( and is still working on a book about the effective and sustainable management of content and content technologies.

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