Jang Graat

Changing the Engine without Stopping the Car: Moving to Structured Authoring

Co-Presenting with Stefan Gentz

This workshop is for anyone who needs to move to structured authoring but has to take existing unstructured content with them. You cannot afford to leave all that good content behind, and you do not have the time to copy-paste it into a structured authoring system. Adobe FrameMaker is the only product on the market that can combine structured and unstructured content without running into any conversion or compatibility problems. Your multi-channel output production will not need to skip a beat while you are converting the content bit by bit, one topic at a time, when that topic is up for revision anyway. In this workshop, you will learn to set up the conversion and you will discover that everything you need is contained in the product – no additional costs are involved. And even if you are not using FrameMaker for your unstructured content, this will work almost exactly the same.


Jang studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy before embarking on a career in the high-tech computer industry. In the past 3 decades, he has worked as technical author, trainer, consultant and developer. He has delivered countless presentations and training courses to a wide variety of audiences across the globe. He has been using FrameMaker since version 5 and is known as the Frame Tamer.

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