Irina Pashina

  • Irina Pashina
    Frankfort, Germany
    Sr Director, Customer Experience

Digital Content Strategy: Lessons Learned from Translating Customer Insights into Relevant Content Experiences

How to best translate customer insights into an actionable content strategy? How to reflect constantly changing customer preferences and business transformation in your content? How to ensure the right implementation to create relevant content experiences for your audiences and achieve the business goals set? In this session you will find out about the lessons learned in the development of a digital content strategy at SAP,the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software serving more than 345,000 customers in 190 countries.


Irina is a global expert with more than a decade of experience in content and customer experience. She has driven large content and strategy projects, and guided coworkers and teams in her various roles. Her ability to connect with people across cultures and functional areas has been a key factor for success in multiple fields of B2B marketing and the nonprofit sector. Irina’s passion for people, great customer experience,and content as a connector and differentiator is what makes her run.

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