Flavien Plouzennec

  • Flavien Plouzennec
    Dublin, Ireland
    UX Designer / Former Managing Editor

Breaking Down Silos one Metric at a Time: A Look at the Most Innovative Analytic Practices in the News Industry

Every organisation faces the challenge of building measurement tools that can diffuse business goals over all departments, but remain meaningful and actionable for everyone.

Because of the historical “wall” dividing the newsroom and the business side, and because of a global lack of product culture, most traditional media companies have developed a silo mentality and incoherent practices.

A typical example is an obsession for page views that serves the PPC advertising model, but clashes with the brand ethos, the reality of news consumption, and more viable business models based on user engagement and retention.

However, in recent years, some media companies have embraced new approaches, experimenting with measurement frameworks and tools that translate the appropriate metrics into newsrooms, IT, sales and marketing departments.

Drawing on examples from the Financial Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Le Temps (CH) and Le Monde (Fr) this talk will give you a snapshot of the most innovative analytic practices in the news media industry to measure and communicate performance.


A former journalist and digital chief editor of the French media group “Nice Matin” for 15 years, Flavien Plouzennec has pivoted towards the growing discipline of User Experience. He has lectured on “Online Journalism Techniques” to news teams throughout France for ESJ-Pro (major postgraduate training school for journalists in France). He now works for the Dublin-based UX agency Xwerx, providing user research and content strategy services for various clients.

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