Dominique Trouche

Dissolving Silos with Localisation

A year ago, we organised a meeting with a large customer we have been working with for fifteen years. We were meeting to improve the localisation process. And something amazing happened as we introduced ourselves: the collaborators sitting opposite us exchanged business cards. They came from silos that never met: Engineering, Techpub, Marketing and Human Resources. This anecdote depicts what we regularly experience with our customers. A localisation project is a good place to start dissolving human and technological silos.


A graduate of a leading French Engineering and IT University, Dominique has managed several multinational operations. Head of WhP, Dominique strives to make localisation rhyme with innovation. His passion for DITA has led him to position WhP as a specialist in DITA localisation, with outstanding expertise and dedicated solutions to help customers streamline multilingual DITA content management. He is an active member of the DITA community and works closely with the leading CMS providers; he speaks regularly at DITA conferences.

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