Brian Lanigan

  • Brian Lanigan

    Senior Information Developer

Getting it Right When the Content is the Product

Developing a content strategy for professional training is hard. The users – both trainers and trainees – have very different needs. They need different information, for different purposes, at different times. And of course, the content itself is the product… no pressure! How can you ensure a good user experience for everybody: before, during, and after? In this session, we’ll share what we learned from developing, launching, and refining a training product, and show you how single-sourcing can give your training content a competitive edge.


Brian Lanigan is a senior information developer with TWi, a provider of outsourced technical writing, editing, and documentation solutions based in Cork, Ireland. It suits him just fine: a wide range of clients means there’s always something new to learn. In the past, he’s worked as both a technical writer and an advertising copywriter. Different worlds, but there are lots of overlaps.

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