Ari Hoffman

What you Learn Managing 30,000 Articles​: Content Strategy Prepped for the Future

Co-Presenting With: David Avnon

Ex Libris has an extensive product lines, each of which requires data sheets, training guides, videos, support materials, and user guides. Our previous content management system couldn’t keep up, and our users (internal and external) couldn’t find what they were looking for in our 30,000+ articles, often leading to duplicate content, outdated materials, and/or an increase in support handling time, which directly affected the customer experience.

In this case study, we will describe the problems we were having, the silos involved (ticketing software, customer databases, knowledge bases, in-product help, etc. ), and how we merged those systems into a single repository that creates and delivers personalized content experiences to internal employees, external customers, and buyers alike.


Ari Hoffman prioritizes customer success at the heart of all business endeavors. As the official Success Fanatic at MindTouch, Hoffman focuses on actionable insights that increase customer success rates while deepening core relationships. Brought in for his collaborative approach to business and his influence in the startup community, he has dramatically expanded and enriched the MindTouch customer/partner base. From ‘Shark Tank’ to the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and Dream Big America Challenge, Hoffman has seen it all.

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