Anna Ngu

  • Anna Ngu
    Cologne, Germany
    Rulemaking Assistant

Getting the Right Rules Ready for Your Flight to LavaCon Dublin: Your Life Depends on It!

Co-Presenting with Steffen Frederiksen

When flying to LavaCon in Dublin this year, your safety depends (among other things) on EASA being able to get the right rules and regulations ready before you board the airplane! EASA or the European Aviation Safety Agency manages a huge collection of regulatory content for Europe. Structured content management quickly became a must and EASA wanted to implement this based on DITA principles – but without having to deal with XML. Being here is your proof that it works!


Anna Ngu is a project manager of the eRules project at EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) in Cologne/Germany, a European agency that, among other tasks, ensures a single regulatory and certification process for its Member States. Previously, Anna worked for the Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw/Poland as a business development specialist, dealing with development and management of EU funded projects.

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