Andy McDonald

Our Role and Responsibility in Information 4.0

Co-Presenting with Ray Gallon.

Since April of 2016, a group of experts has been seeking consensus on what Information 4.0 is, how it impacts people, and how the content industries can deal with it. In this session we present our results to date, and address some fundamental issues such as What will machines have taken over by the time content industries are ready? What’s the best way to manage changes in creation, curation, and governance? What is the added value of humans in this scenario? How do these things change roles, and what responsibility to communicators have for the results?


Trained as a social psychologist, Andy McDonald has been designing and writing documentation for the oil industry since 1998, and is now Documentation Products manager for Tech Advantage in the Paris area. Having seen methods, norms and formats come and go, his basic training leads him naturally to concentrate on the people and the end user requirements.

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