Andrea Ames

  • Andrea Ames
    Maine, USA
    Enterprise Content Experience Strategist

The Number One Career-Building Skill for Content Professionals (or anybody, really)

If I told you that mastering just ONE skill might make you the most indispensable content practitioner on your team, in your company, or with your clients, would you believe me? Well, it’s true! It is, however, a higher-order skill, based on a solid foundation of other skills. What is that one skill? Join me for this short, fun, and information-packed talk to find out!

Telling the Right Story: Managing Stakeholders to Implement an Integrated Content Strategy

Stakeholder management is one of the most important skills — if not THE most important skill — that you can learn to build your professional eminence. Critical to managing your stakeholders is understanding what they need to know and communicating it to them. Sounds simple, right? Not always. Especially when you are attempting to drive a strategic initiative across silos where you have no direct authority. Influencing the stakeholders across those silos is key! In this session, Andrea will discuss success factors to aim for and derailment factors to avoid when managing stakeholders by telling the right story, in the right way, to the right person.


Andrea L. Ames, M.S., is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Enterprise Content Experience Strategist, Architect, and Designer on IBM’s Enterprise Content team where she is responsible for driving broad initiatives to improve integrated content experience. Prior to IBM, Andrea was a content strategy, architecture, and usability consultant, helping large and small businesses to engineer their product development processes to design and create content in ways that enhance product usability, increase and accelerate user productivity, increase product adoption and customer loyalty, and support business and marketing goals.

Andrea has more than 30 years of experience in technical communication. She is a Fellow and past President (2004-2005) of STC, a Distinguished Engineer of the ACM (the first technical communicator to achieve this distinction), a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a member of SWE, ASIS&T, IAI, UPA, and ATTW.

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