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All sessions will be recorded (slides and audio) for future playback. The  icon indicates which session in each time slot will also include video and be streamed live in the Virtual Track.

Monday, 22 May 2017

0800–Registration open, tea and biscuits
Pre-conference Workshops
0900–1200Changing the Engine without Stopping the Car: Moving to Structured Authoring (Beginner)
Stefan Gentz, Adobe Systems, München, Germany and
Jang Graat, CEO, Smart Information Design, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sponsored by Adobe Technical Communication
The Anatomy of a Real DITA Documentation Project (Intermediate)
George Bina, Managing Director, Syncro Soft / oXygen XML Editor
Dolj County, Romania
Snakes and Ladders: Content Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts in the Real World (All)
Nolwenn Kerzreho
Technical Account Manager,
Rennes, France
1200–1300Networking Lunch, Exhibit Hall Open
Jack Molisani
Executive Director
The LavaCon Conference
1305–1400Tapping Into the Customer Mind
Janne Jul Jensen
Sr User Experience Architect
LEGO Group, Denmark
 Spanning Silos, Building BridgesContent Strategy & User ExperienceCase Studies & Tribal KnowledgeThought Leadership
1415–1515Turning a Silo into a Bridge: Nurturing a Collaborative Culture

Christian Gericke,
CMO SMASHDOCs, München, Germany
Rahel Anne Bailie
Chief Knowledge Officer
London, United Kingdom
Overcoming the Forgetting Curve: New Content Creation Paradigms

Oded Ilan
CMO, Iridize
Tel Aviv, Israel
What You Learn Managing 30,000 Articles: Content Strategy for the Future

David Avnon
Business Analyst
Ex Libris
Jerusalem, Israel and
Ari Hoffman, Success Fanatic,
Mindtouch, San Diego, CA, USA
Structured Content Authoring For All!

Jan Benedictus
CEO, Liones / FontoXML
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tea and Biscuit Break, Exhibitor Demos
1615–1715Getting it Right When the Content is the Product

Brian Lanigan
Senior Information Developer
A Tale of a Happy Marriage: Content Strategy and User Experience Strategy

Payal Mistry
UX Lead
VSF Experts
Mannheim, Germany
People First Content Strategy: What I Learned from Facebook for Business

Jack Molisani
Executive Director
The LavaCon Conference
Long Beach, CA, USA
Content 4.0 is Not Only Great for End Users: New Ways for Automation in CCMS

Marcus Kesseler
Nuremberg, Germany
1715– 1830Networking reception in exhibit hall.

Followed by an off-site social event.
Sponsored by Adobe Technical Communication
1900–Offsite social event

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

0830–Registration, Tea and biscuits
0900–0920Be a Product Samurai
Chris Lukassen
Product Samurai
Xebia Group, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
0920–0940Think Again
Megan Gilhoolly
Sr. Manager of Content Management, Seattle, USA
0940–1000Feed the Goldfish in 19 Minutes and 52 Seconds
Stefan Gentz
Global TechComm Evangelist
Adobe Systems, München, Germany
 Spanning Silos, Building BridgesContent Strategy & User ExperienceCase Studies & Tribal KnowledgeThought Leadership
1015–1115Breaking Down Silos one Metric at a Time: A Look at the Most Innovative Analytic Practices in the News Industry

Flavien Plouzennec
UX Designer, Xwerx, Dublin
and Former Managing Editor of the Digital Newsroom at the Nice-Matin Newspaper, France
Maturing Process Maturity

Dawn Stevens
Comtech Services
Denver, USA
Digital Content Strategy: Lessons Learned from Translating Customer Insights into Relevant Content Experiences

Irina Pashina
Senior Director, Content Strategy and Customer Experience, SAP Marketing
Walldorf, Germany
The Montagues and the Capulets: How Technical Staff and Enterprise Authors Can Find True Love (Without Death)

Douglas Gorman
CEO, Simply XML
Boston, USA
1130–1230Getting the Right Rules Ready for Your Flight to LavaCon Dublin: Your Life Depends on It!

Anna Ngu
Rulemaking Assistant, EASA, Cologne, Germany and
Steffen Frederiksen
CSO, DitaExchange, Aarhus, Denmark
Cross-silo Governance for Content Gone Wild

Marie Girard and
Peter Gilliver
Bordeaux, France
Collaborating on the Truth: 3 Examples of Enterprise-wide Content Componentization

Garry Horne
Technical Sales Consultant
Quark Software Inc.
Denver, CO, USA
Sun Tsu, Dorothy, and the Road to Implementing Content Strategy

Julian Murfitt
Sutton, United Kingdom
1230–1350Lunch, exhibit hall
1350–1410Taking Control of Your Content Career
Victoria Koster-Lenhardt
Employment Consultant
Vienna, Austria
1410–1430The Number One Career-Building Skill for Content Professionals (or Anybody, Really)
Andrea Ames
Enterprise Content Experience Strategist
IBM, Maine, USA
1445–1545Think Global, Act Global, Go Global

Bill Swallow
Director of Operations
Clifton Park, NY
Remotely Managing Content Strategy

Roger Renteria
Director of Technology
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Using Cordova to Create Multi-platform Mobile Apps from Structured Content

Phil Lane
Content Strategy Specialist
Impimratur Limited
Surrey, United Kingdom
Taking Your Content with You—From Knowledge Base to Mobile App

Eric Kuhnen
Director of Global Operations
Astoria Software
San Francisco, CA, USA
1545–1630Tea and Biscuit Break, Exhibitor Demos
1630–1730The Convergence of Marketing and Technical Communication

Stefan Gentz
Global TechComm Evangelist
Adobe Systems
München, Germany
Effective and Engaging:The Key to Better Videos

Anton Bollen
European Evangelist
TechSmith Corporation
Berlin, Germany
Static Site Generators are the Game Changers

Lukasz Gornicki
Product Owner
Gliwice, Poland
The Rail Safety Rule Book Modernised: Planning and Implementing a Successful Mobile App

Alan Cropley,
IT Programme Manager,
Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd and
Joe Girling
Commercial Director, Congility
1830–Offsite networking event

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

0830–Tea and Biscuits
 Spanning Silos, Building BridgesContent Strategy & User ExperienceCase Studies & Tribal KnowledgeThought Leadership
0900–1000Using GitHub for Enterprise and Open Source Documentation

Lynda O'Leary
Scrum Master
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Galway, Ireland
Dissolving Silos with Localisation

Dominique Trouche
Nice, France
Use Case Battle Scars: How We Created, Refined and Reduced Our Use Cases

Robert Mills
Content Strategist
Vale of Glamorgan, UK
Content Transformation: Building a Digital Experience that Supports Your Customers' Journey

Antóin Ó Slatara, Content Architect, Dell EMC, Cork, Ireland and
Gal Oron, CEO, Zoomin Software, NYC USA
1015–1115Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Dynamic Content Filters

Paula R. Stern
CEO, WritePoint Ltd.
Jerusalem, Israel
Our Role and Responsibility in Information 4.0

Ray Gallon, Co-founder, The Transformation Society and
Andy McDonald,
Product Manager, TECH'advantage
Paris, France
Telling the Right Story: Managing Stakeholders to Implement an Integrated Content Strategy

Andrea Ames
Enterprise Content Experience Strategist
XaaS: XML Authoring as a Service

George Bina
Managing Director
Syncro Soft / oXygen XML Editor
Dolj County, Romania
1130–1230Open Membership Meeting: Web 4.0 Consortium

Organized by Ray Gallon, Co-founder, The Transformation Society
The Pit of Despair: Modern Customer Experience

Brian Herron
Principal Designer & Director
Each & Other
Dublin, Ireland
Who Cares About Change?

Tristan Mitchel
Product Manager
Malvern Worcestershire, UK
Reserved to repeat standing room only session.
1315– 1335From Filter Failure to Savvy Surfer Riding the Crest of the Content Tsunami
Stephen Walsh
Anders Pink, Dublin, Ireland
Post-Conference Workshop
Design Thinking Workshop
Diego Dalia
Service and Interaction Design Lead
IBM Studios, Dublin, Ireland
1900–Closing Social

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