How to Create an Experience-First Content Strategy

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Melinda Belcher, Senior Director of Digital Experience at Mastercard, joins Ed Marsh to talk about experience-first content strategy and the importance of leveraging internal teams to weigh in with their areas of expertise. Each team, whether it be sales, support, marketing, and so on, has knowledge needed to contribute to a project and ensure the customer has an optimum experience. Her upcoming keynote at LavaCon Portland, “Stop, Listen, and Collaborate: Creating an Experience-first Content Strategy,” talks about how our challenge is to deliver an experience that tells a larger story and aligns with business goals (view program). To do this, we need to stop thinking about our deliverables as stand-alone pieces and consider how they interact with each other.

“How do we make sure we’re creating a consistent end-to-end experience, where we’re singing from the same songbook, and we’re creating the same kind of customer narrative for our users?”

Attend Melinda’s session, and learn how to make a difference in your organization. Register for LavaCon Portland 2017 today!

About Our Guest

The key to creating a great experience is talking to the right people about the right thing at the right time. That’s why Melinda Belcher sees herself as a “content experience designer.” She has managed all phases of content strategy—content strategy and content mapping, content partnerships and sourcing, editorial and social calendars, publishing and translation workflows, localization strategy, content audits and inventories, taxonomy, metadata, SEO, CMS and content tagging. Melinda specializes in the B2B, finance and technology space.

Follow Melinda on Twitter at @melindarox.

About Our Host

Ed Marsh is proud to be from New Jersey. He uses the Oxford comma, and never uses two spaces after a period. He is a technical writer at Goldman Sachs, and the creator and host of the Content Content podcast. Find him at and @edmarsh on Twitter.

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