Iridize is the first enterprise solution for real-time, contextual, training of web products.

Iridize is redefining the world of product and employee training with its new Context Aware Product Learning Mastery Suite that allows product owners to create a host of walkthroughs and guides which “sit on top” of the product interface, integrate with it and offer, small, bite-sized sessions, showing users how to operate the product.

The training is provided intelligently, as the user uses the product, and can be specific to his / her needs, roles, authorizations, and even use specific.

Iridize includes an advanced, user management and reporting dashboard which offers full analytics about guide use, down to the user level, as well as offering customization of the content and experience according to the organizational MO and branding.

The product is used today by large and small firms as well as Fortune 500 companies. Our customers include Macmillan, Nuance Communication; Network for Good and Towers Watson and Docusign to name a few.

Whether you are an organization that wishes to

  • Quickly Train and monitor new employees
  • Upgrade existing employees’ knowledge
  • Increase customer and user satisfaction
  • Reduce support and training costs
  • Enhance communication with customers

Iridize is your professional choice.

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