Zoupio by Lexum

Discover Zoupio by Lexum, a completely new way of publishing your text-heavy documentation.

There’s no need to change your authoring process or active drafting software! Zoupio is a cloud based white label UI that seamlessly unites with your website or e-commerce portal. Zoupio integrates within any structured workflow (DITA, XML, HTML even MS Word) and revitalizes any long and complex documentation. If your industry is complex and your documentation has hundreds and even thousands of pages, then Zoupio can help redefine how your clients interact with your manuals. Zoupio helps publishers propel their documentation to another level with layering of textual and multi-media content within a collaborative and mobile-ready environment. Beyond web help, users will not only learn from your documentation but they can also participate and share their knowledge with fellow group members.

For over 20 years, Lexum has enabled the web publishing of over 10,000,000 pages of content both on the public internet and client intranets with private industry, professional editors, international & domestic government entities, education, legal and medical sectors as well as the telecommunications industry.