Quadralay® Corporation

Quadralay Corporation, based in Austin, Texas, builds software and creates solutions for a variety of content publishing and web based applications. The company was incorporated in 1992 and eventually went on to graduate from the University of Texas’ prestigious Technology Incubator (ATI) program in 1996. Since its founding the company has been a premier player in developing solutions for the Internet and related web application programs.

The Company has prospered since its beginning and now provides services and products to thousands of customers in over thirty five countries worldwide. It has also partnered with numerous companies to collectively provide solutions to complex publishing and information deployment challenges.


WebWorks is the brand under which Quadralay markets its products and services; the company utilizes the registered name WebWorks as its corporate URL (www.webworks.com) and its toll-free telephone number (877.8.WEBWORKS).

The company’s WebWorks line of products and services enables the automated delivery of online content into multiple formats, languages, and devices, including the packaging and delivery of content into its own exclusive web applications. These applications are designed for providing online help using only standard web technologies that function with numerous web browsing devices. WebWorks solutions are used by over 2,000 corporate customers in 6,000 locations across 35 countries.