Tom Aldous

Keynote: Navigating the Gauntlet: The Art of Presenting to Upper-level Management

You’ve traveled to conferences, sat through product demonstrations and eaten a metric ton of continental breakfast to get the opportunity to see what some of the best products in the world can do to improve your quality of life at work. Finally, you find it. What do you do now?

Unless you are the sole decision maker for your company, there is usually a ladder you have to scale, a mountain you have to climb and the always demotivating corporate procurement policy. What if you knew how to navigate this “gauntlet”, and champion your idea all the way to successful procurement?

Tom will be walking you through the management decision making process and giving you tips on how to build the right business case, talk to the right people and eventually gain executive sponsorship.

Taming the Beast that Is Microsoft Word

Content Architectures are now changing at the enterprise level to allow reuse and flexible publishing to PDF, HTML, ePUB, and more.  Organizations recognize the need for a standard architecture.  But, with the vast majority of authors creating content in MS Word, standards are hard to implement and the cost of intermediate editing is prohibitive.  Most non-technical staff will not use a traditional XML editor and have primary roles to fill every day.  In this session, attendees will learn about the issues when moving from out-of-control Word to a content standard.  We will briefly highlight two approaches to getting control of Word-based content.  One approach is entirely MS Word-based and the other uses MS Word on the authoring side with XML in the background.


Tom Aldous, the Founder/CEO of The Content Era has over 25 years of experience in the Technical Communications industry. Besides being the managing partner and lead XML/DITA/CMS consultant at Integrated Technologies for over 20 years, Tom has also served as the Director of TechComm Business Development, Evangelism and TechComm Consulting at Adobe as well as a SVP of Global Operations at Acrolinx. Currently Tom takes pride in being able to accomplish the seemingly impossible through his new venture at The Content Era. At The Content Era, Tom’s knowledge of content tools, markup languages and best practices have proven to reduce cycle time and increase efficiency for clients in all different verticals and industries including but not limited to software, information technology, finance, medical, energy, aviation and government.

Co-Presenting With

Doug Gorman: Taming the Beast that Is Microsoft Word

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