Tara Knapp

Improve the UX of Your Content, and Prove It!

Users are your biggest advocates when you involve them in your efforts to improve content quality. Users can convince writers, who may be stuck in their “old ways,” to adopt new ideas and methodologies.

We’ll take you through our UPLift evolution to:

  • Improve content
  • Create model documents
  • Implement a repeatable methodology
  • Validate our models with customers.

What you will learn:

  • Our UPLift methodology
  • What our before and after models look like
  • How we engaged our customers to validate/test our UPLifted content
  • What metrics we gathered and the results we touted
  • Challenges, lessons learned, and how our (re)evolution continues

You’ll LAUGH, you’ll CRY, you’ll LEARN from our missteps, and you’ll SEE our testing results.


Tara Knapp is a supervisor of User Experience at ACI Worldwide and has 20 years experience in training, communications, and technical writing. Her interests include technical communication, user experience, process improvement, agile development practices, and swing dancing. Tara is a member of Scrum Alliance and ATD. She has a MA in English from Creighton University and a MPA in Public Policy Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Co-Presenting With

Pam Noreault: Improve the UX of Your Content and Prove It