Scott Carothers

Efficient Translation Management: Five Metrics That Will Lead Your Team to Continuous Process Improvement

What steps is your localization team taking to consistently improve the translation process? Is each project tracked through each stage with comprehensive metrics? Whether projects are tracked manually or automatically, five specific metrics will give you a clear picture of which areas have the most room for improvement, and what changes are needed to improve efficiency and further elevate the performance of your enterprise translation process.

In this session, you will be provided actionable details on:

  • Which specific translation metrics hold the most value to your Enterprise
  • How and when to analyze the metrics
  • Quantifying data to validate the performance of all involved, and continuously improve the process
  • Clarity, accountability, and process improvement are the three keywords that describe this LavaCon-exclusive presentation.


Scott Carothers, Senior Globalization Executive at Kinetic theTechnologyAgency, is a 30 year veteran of corporate marketing, with a specific focus on technical solutions, innovations and software. His start was on a genesis team introducing one of the first DOS PC-based graphics software; successfully placing the product into 300 Fortune 500 companies. He has since evolved into cutting-edge translation technology and digital asset management solutions. Scott is based in Louisville, KY, USA.