Sarah O’Keefe

Keynote: Content Strategy Triage: Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Do You Fight To Save?

Triage means quickly evaluating patients to maximize everyone’s chance of survival. Hopeless cases are ignored and noncritical patients are deferred. The goal is to find those patients for whom quick treatment is the difference between life and death.

Content strategy triage involves prioritizing content strategy efforts. Which ideas are dead on arrival? Which ideas cannot be saved? What problems can be deferred until later? Where will early action make the biggest difference?


Sarah O’Keefe, President, is the chocoholic founder of Scriptorium Publishing and a content strategy consultant.

Scriptorium offers content strategy services to help customers solve business problems and achieve strategic goals. Since founding the organization in 1997, Sarah has worked with numerous organizations to assess content issues, develop solutions, and implement new technologies that unlock content value. She is the coauthor of Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset.