Ria Hagan

When Easy Isn’t Enough: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Content Strategy and UX

When there’s no meaning in our UX, especially in our content, our customers are likely to drift away. We can’t just make it “easy.” Game designers and writers have faced the same problems we have as content strategists, and they’ve found ingenious ways to create an all-important emotional connection with their audience—a “silver arrow.” Join John Caldwell and Ria Hagan as they share some of the powerful things narrative video games can teach us about content strategy, including the importance of the “non-player character” and the evolution of content in the digital age.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Why we need to accept that people are irrational.
  • How your customers, like the players of video games, are telling themselves a story about the experience.
  • Why there needs to be both “magic” and “meaning” in the experience.
  • The power of creating a set of aspirational principles based on emotion.


Ria Hagan is a UX Content Designer with Intuit, specializing in content creation for high impact design. Over the past 12 years, Ria has worked to bring the importance of relationship building through the written word to the forefront of the design process, demonstrating how well crafted content can be a powerful revenue generating tool.

Ria has a passion for video games that began in the early days of console gaming with Spy Hunter on her Commodore 64.

Co-Presenting With

John Caldwell