Peggy Sanchez

  • Peggy Sanchez
    Senior Manager, Technical Publications

Stalling at DITA – How do you get to the next step?

Implementation of DITA is one thing for a technical publication department but what about after the implementation – where’s all the great advantages of DITA? If you are still producing pdfs after your implementation, you are not alone. This is the stalling point for many companies. How do you make the leap to publishing dynamic content? What are the next steps? Who can help?

In this session you will learn how the Cray Technical Publication department went from multiple tools, styles, and output to a new infrastructure using DITA and a Component Content Management System (CCMS) and now producing dynamic content to the web. Although this is a case study you will learn to manage and define:

  • Expectations
  • Tools
  • Challenges
  • Results


Peggy Sanchez is the senior manager of the Technical Publications department of Cray Inc. She has been a tech writer for over ten years and a manager for five. She has been involved in three different companies moving to DITA (each at varying stages) and successfully led her team to adopt DITA. With the adoption of DITA and the CCMS, the team has been able to increase their production by 40%. She is the project manager of the implementation of the CCMS and documentation portal and for the overhaul of the customer portal for Cray.

Peggy has a bachelor’s in Scientific and Technical Communication and a Masters in Management of Technology. She lives in St. Paul Minnesota and has three backyard chickens, Lily, Chloe, and Pearl.