Pam Noreault

Improve the UX of Your Content, and Prove It!

Users are your biggest advocates when you involve them in your efforts to improve content quality. Users can convince writers, who may be stuck in their “old ways,” to adopt new ideas and methodologies.

We’ll take you through our UPLift evolution to:

  • Improve content
  • Create model documents
  • Implement a repeatable methodology
  • Validate our models with customers.

What you will learn:

  • Our UPLift methodology
  • What our before and after models look like
  • How we engaged our customers to validate/test our UPLifted content
  • What metrics we gathered and the results we touted
  • Challenges, lessons learned, and how our (re)evolution continues

You’ll LAUGH, you’ll CRY, you’ll LEARN from our missteps, and you’ll SEE our testing results.

Converting Legacy Content to DITA – It’s Not Rocket Science!

Many companies shy away from implementing DITA due to the false perception that converting legacy content to the DITA standard is expensive and tedious.

In this case study session, Pamela Noreault from ACI Worldwide (the market leader in banking and payments software products) and Les Burnham from Stilo International, will share a first-hand look at how ACI approached the task of converting 85,000 pages of legacy content as an integral part of their DITA implementation project.

Pam and Les will share insightful tips, tricks, best practices and valuable metrics, ensuring you come away with a better understanding of what it takes to convert content to DITA – and the realization that it really isn’t rocket science!


Pam is a Sr. Manager of Information Development at ACI Worldwide. Pam has 20+ years experience in communications, content management, and technical writing. She specializes in content reuse, topic-based content, DITA conversions, using social media in business, and trends in user assistance. When she’s not researching and implementing new ways to involve customers in user assistance, she can be found presenting at conferences or hiking with her dogs. Pam has a BS in English/Spanish Ed from The Ohio State University and a MA in English/Professional Writing from Wright State University.

Co-Presenting With

Tara Knapp: Improve the UX of Your Content and Prove It

Helen St. Denis: Converting Legacy Content to DITA – It’s Not Rocket Science!