Oded Ilan

  • Oded Ilan
    Oded Ilan
    Chief Marketing Officer

Bite Sized Training: Onboarding for Generation Y and Z

Generation Y are your junior employees, your entrepreneurs, your clients. They are the scaffolding of a business and the backbone of your customer base, and Generation Z – is right behind them. While these two generations are far from similar, in one sense they show a clear pattern

  • shortening of their attention span (Generation Z has an attention span of 8 seconds)
  • multi-source content consumption
  • content exchange via short – even image based – communication

Yet we, as product owners are tasked with training these employees and customers in how to use products that have become essential to the workplace and to day-to-day lives.

In my talk I will discuss the differences between training and teaching, talk about “bite-sized content” in communication and describe how walkthroughs are a way to combine training and the MO of Generations Y and Z.


Even before Oded Ilan had graduated from the university in 1999, he spent 4 years as a high school teacher. Following graduation, Oded worked in various high-tech industries as a business developer. He still believes that his hardest “sell” to date was convincing children to “purchase” education. Getting the message across, creating appealing yet meaningful content and delivering the correct story to the customers has always been a passion of Oded’s. As Iridize’s Chief Marketing Officer, he gets to see, first hand, how technology helps the training and documentation landscape with a new approach.