Meredith Kramer

  • Meredith Kramer
    Meredith Kramer
    Information Development Manager

How to Prevent an International Incident: Communicating with a Global Team

Technical communication has gone global. Today we work on teams with subject matter experts and writing colleagues in other time zones and different environments. Communication is always key to working successfully, but it’s even more important on global teams.

Global teams really are different. Gain insight into dealing with practical issues that come up when you’re working with people you’ve most likely never met. Learn behaviors and approaches that will help you avoid having a frustrated team, missed deadlines, and a blown budget – all due to communication issues.


Meredith Kramer, an Information Development Manager at NetIQ, has worked in the technical communication industry for 16 years and has held several positions on global teams for more than 10 years.

She has spearheaded efforts to promote Information Development teams while transitioning to an agile development methodology and has helped bridge the communication gap on global teams.

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