Melissa Eggleston

Improving AX (Content Author Experience)

Have you high-fived a content author today? Content authors are critical in the quest for great content and UX. Improving AX (content author experience) can often better UX. Great AX also increases the happiness of everyone involved in the content development process. If we spend so much time working, we may as well make it as joyful as possible.

We’ll discuss the differences and similarities of these types of content authors:

  • writers
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • graphic designers

Learn what these key people typically dislike and what they want instead from the people who hire them.

Since writing her first online articles about soccer in 1997, Melissa has been in both the “manager” and “managed” roles in large and small organizations. She has ideas that will help you better your content author relationships immediately. Let’s move toward a blissful experience in content development – unicorns and rainbows included.


As a content strategist and UX specialist, Melissa Eggleston helps people and organizations create user-friendly digital experiences with memorable content. In 1997, she wrote her first online stories about soccer and broke all the rules we now know about writing for the web.

She has developed content for all types of organizations – from businesses in San Francisco to non-profits in New York City. She also provides UX research and strategy for the UX-Shop in Durham, NC. Melissa previously worked for Duke University and Bloomberg News.

Learn more at, and find her on Twitter @melissa_egg.