Megan Gilhooly

Content in an Agile World

The company is moving to Agile development. What’s a Technical Communications team to do? Two content professionals-turned-certified Scrum Masters discuss various options and suggestions for making the move to Agile. In this session, you will discover:

  • How DITA makes Agile possible
  • Which parts of Scrum work well for content development
  • How to tweak Scrum artifacts that aren’t a natural fit
  • How to do Scrum even if your company isn’t

Improve Your Customer Experience with Cross-touch Knowledge Delivery

According to Econsultancy’s Digital Intelligence Briefing, over 80% of companies see the delivery of excellent customer service as the primary way to truly differentiate over competition.  In looking to provide a truly personal and interactive customer experience, organizations are revolutionizing the delivery and access of product documentation and shifting away from cumbersome PDF books. Today’s end users access product content through more than six different touchpointsto find information, submit questions, share knowledge and get answers across various channels and platforms. In this webinar, we will explore how companies can deliver personalized and consistent product documentation across all customer touchpoints to include web search, documentation portals, support knowledge bases, contact centers, and social customer communities while providing a cohesive and consistent user experience.


As Director of Information Experience, Megan Gilhooly oversees the technical documentation and training teams at Ping Identity, a Denver-based company that develops identity and authentication platforms for enterprises. Prior to Ping, Megan was Director of Technical Communications at INVIDI Technologies. Throughout her career, Megan has served as employee and consultant to various software companies, building technical communications products and processes. As a former online retail business owner and Certified Scrum Master, Megan brings a unique perspective to managing information development and communication teams. She has a BA in Speech Communication, an MS in Journalism, an MS in Strategic Management, and a Masters Certificate in Technical Communication.


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