Matt Sullivan

Ditching Words: How Interactive Media Improves the UX

Do your procedures take longer to write than the procedures should take to complete? Do your writers then spend even more time defending their style and jargon choices?

Style guides help but often there’s no one answer, and navigating jargon can be tough, especially when you toss localization into the mix.

Here’s a thought: Give the user an experience instead of describing the experience to them.

In this session we will look at how interactive media can address those issues. You will learn to:

  • Analyze for cumbersome content.
  • Use QR codes in print and physical environments to improve access.
  • Use dynamic filtering to avoid “sipping from the firehose.”
  • Deploy content on media servers (Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube) to reduce load times for content.


Through his company, Tech Comm Tools, Matt has been helping teams with video and interactive media for over ten years.

Matt regularly lectures to tech comm groups and conferences across the country on mobile, web, and interactive topics. He also regularly trains groups on Adobe tech comm software.

Matt also gives webinars on behalf of Adobe. The webinar recordings are available at His video work is also featured on the website.

In 2015, Matt changed his focus from classroom training to online courseware. This creates value for students with a deeper, project-based curricula, delivered over a longer period of time. Courseware also allows for a lower price point than traditional classroom models.

Matt offers a full Tech Comm Video course, which explores ways to deliver interactive and video documentation.

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